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A family business whose continuous growth has been the result of the excellence of its production - The story of a passion.

Fanoflex® is a company created in 1962 by Franco Fenzi and specialising in imitation leather folding doors and partitions.

As a result of experimentation over the years and the application of new technologies, we have come up with a product that is extremely reliable, long-lasting and competitive, with particular care being taken of its aesthetic values.

Our commitment is to follow principles of honesty, respect for the environment and diligent training of company personnel in order to be able to guarantee the highest possible quality of the products and services provided.

We owe all these years of success to our capacity to satisfy the needs of our customers. We also believe it is our duty as well as our pleasure to be reliable advisors to whoever puts their trust in us.

FANOFLEX di Fenzi Marinella
Via Ugo La Malfa, 11 - Zona Industriale
Telephone +39.0721.855448 - Fax +39.0721.855484